the meaning of inergi

The meaning of INergi

INner enERGY

It’s the zone,

it’s a feeling,

it’s the other side of fear,

it’s the other side of procrastination.


It’s the place where you go where you are at your proudest.

It’s when you step out of your comfort zone and say those 5 words…

“You know what… fuk it.” #uknowotfukit

It’s a place you go that is unfamiliar but has a magical result,

now you’re in the INergi zone.


It’s overcoming fear.

It’s overcoming attitude.

It’s overcoming stereotype, age, boundaries and gender.


It’s trying new things: activities, cultures, adventures.


It’s being accountable for you.

It’s about taking ownership of you.

It’s about embracing you.


It’s where:

you dance like everyone’s watching

you sing like the whole world is listening

you love because you are loved unconditionally

and you live like today is your day.

It’s where you are king of your castle.


It’s a place of passion, pride, peace, happiness, and contentment.





#INergizone #INergionlocation