The 3rd Rule of inergi: STYLE…the Matrix dimensions

what is inergi STYLE…its my FAVOURITE rule

COMPOUND multi facet MOVEMENT using multi dimensional EQUIPMENT

…it brings the funk factor….

its what I call THE MATRIX

Our bodies are state of the art 3D printers not dot matrix printers, even if they did have an apt name!


There are 3 planes of movement to our body:

  1. Dividing the body into left and right halves using an imaginary line gives us the sagittal plane. Any forward and backward movement parallel to this line occurs in the sagittal plane.
  2. With the same imaginary line, divide the body into front and back halves and you have the frontal plane. Any lateral (side) movement parallel to the line will occur in the frontal plane.
  3. Last, but certainly not least, we have the transverse plane, which divides the body into superior and inferior halves. Movement parallel to the waistline, otherwise known as rotational movement, occurs in the transverse plane.



So when you think about it, our joints move left to right, up and down, and then rotate through a possible range of up to 360°. That is a whole lot of movement we need to be aware of and capable of.

So we need to IMPROVE our movement in accordance with the demands and angles we put our bodies in.


Once again its nothing new AND thankfully more people and more people are seeing the merits and benefits of this STYLE of strength training.

It just makes sense! You also become more efficient with your time and its improves your quality of life. Which is the ultimate goal.

Life isn’t 2-Dimensional its 3-Dimensional so we need to strengthen your muscles in a 3-Dimensional way. Which will lessen the chance of injury.

Think of it as the MATRIX.

STYLE, as we know is so very important. This is where we can get funky, quirky and creative. This is where you get to put new shit together and find out what is possible and what you are capable of.

Strengthen the dimensions of the body in a way that mimicks life…..up and down, front and back, side to side, rotations and twists. If we lessen our range of movement and dimension, we lessen our ability to do life, which in turn increases the risk of injury.

It has as much to do with our brain as it is to do with our muscles. We need to retrain our brains and reawaken the neuromuscular pathways.


Strength training on machines in a gym is not teaching your body to use its smaller deeper the stablisers….

You are, infact, limiting the number of muscles you are strengthening when you are bolted to the floor with a seat belt on, or by wearing a weight belt. It may look like you are strong but you not as strong as someone who has learnt to recruit more muscle fibres, more muscles and more muscle groups in a functional way.

2D training is so dated, time consuming, boring and inefficient….

Unless it is specific for rehab or maybe correcting a muscular imbalance that has caused injury, then it is not an everyday GOTO.

Once again it comes down to time, being smart, being innovative and being efficient.

The answer…functional, compound, stability core combo exercises using cables, bands, swiss balls, bosu’s, moving platforms…..basically unstable or unbalanced platforms…it’s the inergi styles…the 3rd Rule