The 4th Rule of inergi: VARIETY …its the SPICE of life
As VARIETY is the spice of life….it also is the spice to exercise.

Doing the same exercises all the time is not only boring but it is limiting your ability to achieve a fuller range of movement for your body.

We have been lead to believe that we need to do the same exercises for a specified period of time. WE don’t.

So another classic fitness trap is to do the same programme for 4-6 weeks then you get a chance to change it.

So the same 8-10 exercises, 10-12 times, 2-3 rounds, 3-4 times a week for 4-6 weeks. OMG shoot me now.

All this creates is boredom, frustration, stagnation, zero motivation and zero stimulation and that’s just your mind, imagine what your muscles are experiencing!

NO NO NO…….exercise needs to be interesting, challenging, intriguing and STIMULATING

is all about a BOREDOM FREE zone .


Lets change that rule right now! We are allowed to mix it up as much as we like. I believe in varying the exercises you do but always balance out the muscle groups of the body that you use. My solution is FULLBODY SESSIONS, otherwise you open yourself up to muscular imbalances.

Upper body : front and back. | Lower body : front and back | Abdominals : six pack, obliques and TVA

Its about NOT ‘doing’ the same muscle group  all the time. WE need to keep it fresh in relation to your bodies and our mind.

AS multi-taskers we need variety and change.

Why do you think we have so many pairs of shoes and handbags when we only have two feet and two shoulders!

We like switching things up….guess what so does our body and our muscles.

Basically you don’t need to do the same exercises for the same muscles groups. There are many different exercise to strengthen the same muscle group so use them all.

Example SQUATS, wide squats, single leg squats , wall sits, jumping squats, SwissBall squats, SwissBall single leg squats, TRX squats, TRX single leg squats, TRS jump squats, GTS squats, GTS Wide Squats, GTS plyo Squats, BOX jump squats, BOSU Squats, BOSU Jumps Squats, BOSU Lateral Squats ETC ETC ETC. These are just a fraction of examples from my studio and the equipment I utilise.

….they all do slightly different things BUT are all compound leg strengthening exercises

….then we add resistance, upper body movement, rotational upper movement and we find another level of SPICE.

You will get as ‘bored’ as you allow yourself to be. Find that place, that something and that someone who will give you more spice. Who will get more muscle engagement & recruitment and who will give you knowledge.

If you already have that place, that person, that routine then be aware that you will have your GO-TOs, your favourites, the ones you know and love! SO venture outside your zone, add SPICE to your repertoire and wake up a few more muscles fibres and a few more neuromuscular pathways. Enter your #inergiZone


spice it up….add variety…enter the #inergiZone