The 5th Rule of inerg: INTENSITY… being mindful and focused

is not necessarily what you think.

yes its about OUTPUT,  yes its about GOING HARD,

but its more about BEING MINDFUL, being COMMITTED, being FOCUSED, being in the ZONE

 the #INergiZone

The more you procrastinate, the more your head is not in the game,  the more time you waste!

We have already established, in the 2nd Rule of inergi  that TIME is gold, manuka honey, argan oil…..its our precious rare commodity

Always apply yourself to the task at hand, eliminate your distractions and get your head in the game.

This is about being effective, efficient and respectful of your training sessions and ultimately, your wellbeing.

One way I find helps, is to use higher intensity training. Running your session against YOU.

It goes by many names and fads but they are all effectively the same thing.

This is the HOW:

the HIGHER your heart rate, the shorter the session needs to be to get results….

the LOWER your heart rate the longer the sessions….easy maths


This is HOW you can keep your sessions to 30mins so now here’s the WHY

Let me introduce the concept of EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption)

AFTERBURN | OXYGEN DEBT | burning calories |

It’s been around for years and is based on high heart rates for short periods of time then adding a shorter period of rest or recover and repeating.

This will increase your metabolism for a few hours after the session is finished!!


ENGLISH: your metabolic rate will be elevated long after the exercise session is finished. You will burn fat cells during and after your session due to elevating your heart rate as much as you can.

The concept is burning calories…..burning indicates warmth OR heating up your body….yes sweating, …..becoming out of breathe….the result of pushing your boundaries…upping the intensity.

When I talk INTENSITY I am referring to increased OUTPUT when doing a strengthen session, sweat session sometimes core session BUT not usually when lengthening.

When it comes to lengthening, INTENSITY relates to FOCUS, awareness, MINDFULNESS and being CALM.

Remembering that BOTH forms of intensity rely on technique

Strength sessions based on HIGH ouput/ exertion/ effort

Sweat sessions based on HIGH output/ exertion/ effort

Lengthening sessions based on HIGH output from more mindful effort or exertion : slow and focus

Core sessions: slow and focus OR hard and fast

By turning up the INTENSITY of your session you can combine strength and sweat, and by choosing the right style of exercises you add core…..three elements achieved at once!