Function vs Aesthetics

THE PROOF is in the ‘PUDDING’….2007-2018

I’m not one for conventional BEFORE | AFTER PHOTOS as I have explained.

inergi BEFORE I AFTER photos are about DOING & EXPERIENCING. Getting outside your comfort zone and entering into your #INergiZone. So….what you are seeing here may seem hypocritical, its not…. so let me explain


2007. 37YO.


functional stability core training.

#strength #core #sweat…running&riding to keep fit and to do events with my friends.

just starting to do a bit more #lengthening




2018. 48YO.


Functional stability core training

Now its about #lengthening my muscles, maintaining and improving their #strength and maintaining #core strength.

Not so much #sweat anymore but I’m working on that with my #30mins run|plods

My point is… I have never tried to have a ‘catalog body’. I had, and have a body that works for my lifestyle and what I want it to achieve. What I want to get out of life. If u concentrate on function over aesthetics you still look toned and healthy. I’m proud of how I now look. Its Me, its real, and its evolved naturally without high maintenance.

I will never look like a 37YO again…because im not, I’m almost 50Y0.

That’s why I choose function over aesthetics anyday. You get the best of both worlds.

I’ve never obsessed about food or exercise. BUT I’ve always made sure I was mindful about BOTH. I made sure I ENJOYED both. I made sure that my passion for life ruled over my obsession to need to be something. I always had passion over obsession.  Listen to your heart, don’t get dominated by your head.

This photo is a visual representation of the inergi PHILOSOPHY.

July 9, 2018

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