Getting Your Shit Together

Rationalising The Social Media Tsunami

We are bombarded by such a tsunami of information and images that it’s hard to keep it real and keep on track.

Workouts on the internet are a dime a dozen, they are instructed by beautiful strong fit, women with zero body fat, who, if you check, are in their 20s maybe early 30s, at a push…..miniMIDIs. Nowhere near 40 or 50 or 60…. the ages where EVERYTHING just goes TITS UP.

These women are so inspiring, almost to the point of superhuman. It is so impressive but, let’s take a MIDI bite of reality.

My tips for navigating this sea of AMAZON GODESSES: the sensations of the internet

  1. Remember this is their job, they are paid to exercise so theoretically they have way more time than the average women.
  2. They are young and have vitality screaming from every orafice. Their energy tanks are always on FULL. I remember those days…..kind of! Mine….well I’m sure it sits on EMPTY no matter how many times I go to refill or top up.
  3. A lot of the time they are on pre-workout supplements. This stuff is nuts and amps you up to superhuman status. When you’re young its FUN (so much FUN) when you’re a MIDI it just tips the scales a little bit too much and sends you a wee bit loco.
  4. Let it go! You were 20 once but you will never be again. If you didn’t make the most of those decades, let it go! Sorry to be blunt but build the bridge and move on. Make the most of these decades. Don’t live in your past and don’t live in their present.
  1. Don’t be the mutton or the lamb, be ewe…..that’s kiwi sheep humour #kiwistyles
  2. Find what works for you, find a regime that you love, find a community that fits you and when you find it stay there! Don’t be a FAD follower. Don’t keep chopping and changing everytime you see another goddess in funky leggings and strappy crop top, doing the next best thing because that’s what everyone else is doing and it’s the new internet sensation. (Unless of course you’re discovering me!) You are now too old to be a sheep.
  3.  Remember to play on your own playing field. I’m in awe of these women and slightly jealous in a deeply respectful way but you cannot compare yourself to them.
  4. Talk to the experts, go to someone you respect and really listen to them.  Do your homework! Take it on board and be accountable for you. It may be best for you to invest in someone who will work with you, in your reality, this shit is important. You look after your car and your household  and personal treasures, give the same monetary investment to your wellbeing.

My point of difference…the MIDI P.O.D

I’m almost 50!!!

With that comes experience, tools and reality. I’m ‘in it’, so I know what is happening. I still believe we don’t need to take our foot off the accelerator, we just need to shorten the journey and wash and vacuum the car a bit more….and use higher quality fuels.

I’ve heard the bullshit and I’m not beyond calling it. My ego has been taken down a peg or two, more than once. I realise I don’t know it all but I know a lot and I’ve figured some of it out.

I’m not dissing the INTERNET WORKOUT PRINCESSES… I’m actually in awe of them.

Lets face it I want to be one of them, the mature version, the wise version. The one that wears more clothes! Those days are long gone!! The MIDI version.


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January 17, 2018

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