Getting Your Shit Together

Making SHIT HAPPEN…evaluate | plan | find your thing | commit

its about ‘making time’ sometimes even ‘creating time’

Evaluate your lifestyle and be real about how much time you have available and how many commitments exist within your week. Then allocate time and plan, in and around your life.

This is where the art of negotiation comes into play: spouse, parents, partners, children, employer, employee, clients, pets…

BUT don’t be a martyr (a thing I have zero tolerance for).

This is your quality of life we are talking about.

GET YOUR BIG GIRL PANTS ON (god knows we all have some!) and JUST START, but BE SMART

But, let’s be real, when you are doing sweet FA, once is better than none, twice is better than once, three times is better than twice.

It’s an interesting time of life to introduce ‘baby steps’, but it’s a tried and true method of achievement. Start with the achievable and the attainable, then build. This is where the 30mins rule is so relevant.

If you want this to happen you will find a way, if you are doing it for someone else you will eventually make excuses and find ‘more important’ things to do.

Find activities that interest YOU, that stimulate YOU.

Find people who encourage YOU, who GET YOU.

Don’t be afraid to go it alone…you will find your ‘tribe’ soon enough!


January 17, 2018

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