I’M A JUICER. I’ll say it straight up!

Well not physically… but I juice rather than blend. I have been for years, decades in fact, and I always will be.

Is what I do right or wrong, and in fact is there a RIGHT or WRONG!

I really enjoyed researching this one as it seems the answer is so uncomplicated! ThankU universe!

SO I’m hitting the conclusion FIRST….because I CAN !

Both JUICING and BLENDING are beneficial to assisting with a healthy mind body and soul… JUST in different ways.

It is the ‘6 of one and half a dozen of the other’ scenario.

It comes down to your personal preference.

The main differences are preparation, the clean up, the fibre content and the impact on the digestive system


JUICING:  (I am being slightly biased by putting this one first 😉 )

  • the process of extracting the water and the nutrient from produce…fruit and veges.
  • guarantees more nutrient intake than eating the whole fruit or juice
  • you consume MORE produce so get MORE
  • the preparation is more time consuming
  • the clean up is more time consuming
  • takes the pressure off the digestive system, which is why it is used in detoxing and cleansing
  • an efficient way to get nutrients into people who are sick or have sensitive digestive systems
  • nutrients are released quickly into the blood stream which can result in the spiking of blood sugar levels (can be good, can be bad)
  • as the insoluble fibre has been taken away so some people may experience hunger pangs soon after. (I don’t, a morning juice can take me right through the morning to early afternoon)


  • it is said AVOID mixing fruits and veges!!! with apples being the exception. The short story….combine, and it’ll cause fermentation and GAS.

I have to say my go to morning JUICE is apple | carrot | lemon | and shit loads of ginger, and sometimes celery if its in season…. and I’ve never had a problem


  • really quick and not messy, relatively speaking.
  • the clean up is just washing the blender
  • you use the WHOLEFOOD, so all fibre types soluble and insoluble are involved
  • because of the dual fibre content there is a slow, even release of nutrients… should stay fill for longer.
  • not really the best choice if you want to detox as it doesn’t take the pressure of your digestive system.


Side line tips

  • TRY to consume within 15 mins. Due to oxidation and light  the nutrients will be destroyed. HOWEVER air tight, dark containers will minimise this process but it won’t eliminate it.
  • Use the best equipment : juicer and blender wise. You buy cheap you will get an inferior juice or smoothie. If price is a buying point for you then just start and upgrade when you can afford it. Lets be honest and I’ve said this before, something is better then nothing. I will be upgrading to a cold-press juicer as I have just discovered that they have come down in price and are a lot more affordable.

The BIG thing for me is the question around the FIBRE content…

does it or does it not matter?

It turns out that whether you juice or make smoothies, you will still get some fibre.

There are the two kinds of fibre—here’s how they work in your body:

  • Soluble fibre – This remains in your juice even when you take out the pulp.

Soluble fibre absorbs water in the intestines, forming a gel that helps slow the transit of food through your digestive tract. It also acts as pre-biotic to support healthy bacteria in the gut.

  • Insoluble fibre – This remains in your smoothie as the pulp.

Insoluble fibre makes you feel full because it literally takes up more room in your stomach. This fibre helps keep you regular. Since your body doesn’t absorb much of it, it also adds bulk to your stool.

Here’s why both juicing and blending are great…

Everyone knows that we all need to eat more veggies and fruit. But only 7% of most people’s caloric intake comes from plant food.

But how do you do it in a way that fits into your daily life? The answer: juicing and blending.

So no matter which one you choose, they will both help you dramatically increase your veggie and fruit intake.


December 13, 2018

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