Explanation of the inergi language used throughout the site.


Both Sides Utilised

The half dome SwissBall! More stable than a SwissBall which means it is more versatile. Beginners can attempt to do CORE and STABILITY exercises in complete safety. Therefore progressing much quicker with confidence.

By just turning it over onto its dome and its a whole new dimension.

Use it with other pieces of equipment and you make a simple exercise way more challenging.

Dry Needle Therapy

This is where westerners get to use acupuncture needles to disactivate trigger points. This is a great example of eastern meets western. This western practice allows the use of beneficial use of needles without having to learn the  full concept of ACUPUNCTURE. A whole belief and healing therapy of its own, very complex and layered and quite frankly very very clever.

Instead of using trigger points acupuncturist use acupressure points and meridian lines. A relation to energy and energy flow with in the body. Trigger points therapy and dry needling rely on the physical nature of the muscular system alone. Ironically trigger points and acupressure points are known to have physical crossovers which I find fascinating. It all comes down to what  and who you believe in and what works for you.

EMOM – Every Minute On the Minute

EMOM workouts, otherwise known as “Every Minute on the Minute,” are a fun and creative way to manipulate your work-rest ratio during workouts. A predetermined number of reps are assigned for each set, and they must be completed in a minute. If completed faster, a longer rest break may be taken. If the exerciser moves slowly, however, he or she will have a limited rest break before the next set.


These machines are just PHENOMENAL. I describe them as a cross between a pilates reformer and cable cross over machine. Like  a reformer it has a glide board and pulleys. Unlike the reformer it also has vertical levels which acts as the change in intensity. Level 1 being vertical and moving up to level 18 in adaptable increments.

You can perform some of the same exercises that you would on a cable cross over and reformer…and in some cases more. These machines are the basis of the work my clients do in the inergi Studio.

They are ergonomically sound and each exercise can be performed in complete safety and with peace of mind. The variations of an exercise are endless which make this machine, in my opinion, a very CLEVER piece of engineering.

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

Where the overall goal is to safely complete a large amount of work in a short amount of time.

This style can be incorporated into endurance training and resistance training:

Its about maximum effort over a specified period of time follow up an reduced effort over a specified period of time: longer, same or shorter.

The length of the Intervals are ratios so you can create your own

0.5 ON:1 OFF            1 ON:1 OFF               1 ON:0.5 OFF

Maximum effort is performed over short period of time followed by a comparatively sorter complete rest break

20secON : 10secOFF

either repeating the same exercise 2 – 4 times (no rules) or doing a circuit of exercising 2 – 4 times (no rules)

the intensity is UPPED by increasing the ON

TABATHA is a form of HIIT that has specific times frames 20secsON : 10secsOFF repeat 8 times….total of 4 minutes.

Kettle Bells

Weighted bells with handles or grips…making them really so much easier  and versatile (there’s that word again). You can lift them, you can swing them, you can balance on them. I use kettle bells over dumbbells anyday. I just like their functionality more.


Metabolism refers to the process by which the cells are able to break down food nutrients into energy to fuel various and necessary bodily functions—including heart rate, digestion, breathing, circulation, and so forth.

MIDI – Mindful Intuitive Dynamic Independent

Grateful beings who are of the age of 40, 50, 60 YO


Grateful beings who are of the age of 20, 30 YO


Really grateful beings who are of the age of 70, 80 YO


Being mindful means to experience the present moment in its wholeness, just as it is, and without judging it. With loving presence we are aware of everything that is here in this moment, inside and outside of us. Mindfulness is an attitude towards life that allows us to live with more balance, consciousness, and wisdom. We spend our life very much in the autopilot mode, without being aware of what we are doing and why we are doing it. As a consequence we react automatically and impulsively and in the line of unconscious patterns. A huge amount of our thinking is spent in the past or in the future and we miss out on the present moment. Like this we miss out on life itself, because only in the here and now do we have the possibility to act, to create, and to have control over our life. SO some simple rules:

Myofascial Release

Is a soft tissue therapy for releasing tension in the fascia that restrict the body’s movement…the most common self management method used is rolling.

FASCIA is a general term fort the continuous stream of fibrous tissue throughout the body that gives the muscles their shape, connect muscles to other muscles and bone, and generally holds everything in place.

Think of it like the ‘stocking’ or ‘pantyhose’ for your muscles. 😉


A term that informally defines nutrient dense whole foods that contain a high concentration of phytonutrients, long chain carbohydrates and omega3s and, that offer specific health benefits in addition to their normal nutritional value.

Superfoods work synergistically to provide nourishment at a cellular level. Nature provides and we partake! all attendees to the  party of GOODNESS

It is amusing how we need to label everything in order for us to acknowledge its goodness. Most of these SUPERFOODS are from ancient civilisations and have been a staple for a very long time.

Broadly interpreted….SUPERFOODS… it is PLANT BASED EATING?

Trigger Point Therapy

This is the pressing or compression and or manipulating of trigger points that leads to the deactivation of the trigger point, and thus the  subsequent associated discomfort and pain in the muscles or joint.

  1. It breaks into the chemical and neurological feedback look that maintain the muscles contraction (trigger point or knot)
  2. It increase circulation that has been restricted by the contracted tissue
  3. It directly stretches the trigger point’s knotted fibres

A trigger point is a small contraction KNOT in a muscle tissue. Its affects the muscle by keeping it both tight and weak. At the same time, a trigger point maintains a hard contraction in the muscles fibres that it is part of. In turn these taut bands of muscle fibre keep tension on the muscle attachments, often producing symptoms in adjacent joints (stiff joints)


TRX Suspension Training systems are ingenius pieces of webbing constructed to give you the most versatile piece of strength training equipment. Its compact and is used by beginners to professional athletes. All you need is somewhere to hang it. (it comes with all attachments).

Increasing the intensity is effortless and the range of full body exercises is more than enough to suit anyone needs. Just using the one piece of equipment means you can switch from exercise to exercise with efficiency and with ease…..PERFECT TIME MANAGEMENT.

TRX was the prototype there is no other!

Vacuum Cupping Therapy

The therapy dates back to ancient Egypt, Asia and the Middle East. It is a form of alternative medicine where glass, silicone or plastic cups are placed on the skin to create vacuum suction in order to promote health and healing by loosening soft and connective tissue, scarring and adhesions, moving stagnation and increasing flow and circulation.

I use this is therapy in a more western way to aid the  deactivating of trigger points, reduce inflammation and increase circulation. It works in the opposite to massage, trigger point therapy and dry needling. Here we use suction as apposed to compression.

The 2 methods I use are:

Static cupping – whereby cups are placed over the location of a trigger point and is left there for 2 -15 minutes approx.

Gliding – whereby half suction and oil is used on the skin to allow for the cups to be moved over the effected areas.

The marking often produced as a result of cupping indicates stagnation, injuries present or past, a build up of toxins or lactic acid produces by the muscles and other issues. If redness or itching occurs, its likely due to inflammation brought to the surface. The marks usually dissipate in 1-10 days. This is not bruising and therefore doesn’t have the tenderness associated to bruising.

I use cupping to address sports injuries, muscle and joint pain, connective tissue (fascia) issue. I find it is less invasive than applying direct pressure to trigger points and the use of using needles, but with similar results.

When Cupping is used  in conjunction with the merdian lines and acupoints, in the EASTERN way,  it is known to cure endless ailments such as Diarrhea, belly ache, colds, toothache, skin diseases….the list goes on.



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