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Welcome to the #INergiZone

INergi BEFORE | AFTER photos

this is about taking the ‘self-obsessiveness’ OUT and adding the #INergiZone twist.

This is a classic example of putting the  FUNCTION over AESTHETICS philosophy into action.

Anyone can take photos of themselves (well, actually I do realise it is harder than it seems, the lighting, the colours of your outfit,  your skin tone, your expression, the angle of the camera, the filter, or no filter, etc, it’s all so time consuming for what… vanity) BUT putting yourself ‘out there’, making yourself vunerable….that’s another level!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely against BEFORE | AFTER body shots but I think we’ve gone a bit too far and lost sense of the bigger picture of life and life’s experiences.

We all know whether we are have improved our physiques and others will notice the effort you have put in. The biggest thing people notice is your change in presence, your peaceful proud aura. People notice your GLOW.

So let’s move onto the real inspiration which is using that body and mind to DO stuff.

It’s the next step. It’s the completion of the project! Yes, you have sculpted a fitter, stronger, leaner,  more functional body. Now lets see what are you going to do with it!

INergi BEFORE | AFTER photos are ones that show you connecting with your environment, with other environments, with your people, with other people, with your community, with other communities and with your ever growing capabilities …. the #INergiZone

They show that you are stepping outside the vanity bubble and outside your comfort zone. You are becoming aware and mindful of the world and the opportunities that surround you and making the most of them.

kayak tour, biking tour, sky diving, bungy jumping, hang gliding, learning to fly a helicopter, swimming with dolphins, learning to surf, learning to ski or snowboard, dirt bike riding, rock climbing, abseiling….the options are endless.


the beginning of mountain bike rides, hikes, paddleboards, triathlons, adventure races, adventures, runs, walks ETC vs the completion.


sea level to mountain tops, sunrises and sunsets, sea bottoms to sea tops, moonrises and moonsets, summer and winter


panic vs relief, anticipation vs accomplishment, doubt vs achievement.


This is a different sort of beauty, and a beauty that anyone and everyone can achieve! ANYONE CAN INSPIRE!

These all demonstrate your ability to step outside your comfort zone, to experience life even if it might be a bit ‘scary’. This is what gives us substance and makes us interesting, this is what makes us proud!

….its bucket life stuff…its #INergiZone stuff

Create a life that is built on BEFORE | AFTER photos

welcome to the #INergiZone


Always have the warrior in you no matter where you are, no matter whether its ur first time or ur second time

BEFORE : TOP learning about how the hell you do #SUPYOGA Spring ’17 Rarotonga #islandstyles?

AFTER : BOTTOM finding out if…. ‘ ive got this’ Spring ’17 Great Lake Taupo #centralplateaustyles? ?  from the Central Plateau volcanos, from your inner warrior….from your INergi ? from the the salt water of Muri Lagoon and the fresh water of Great Lake Taupo
? from the Cook Island sea air and Central Plateau mountain air and the breathing of yoga
? from my core strength ?


BEFORE: TOP learning the ways of SUPYOGA in the tropical Cook Islands Spring 2017 #islandstyles?
AFTER: BOTTOM improving in the ways of SUPYOGA in the Central Plateau Spring 2017 #centralplateaustyles ❄

Different locations, different climates, different challenges, different SUP, different water: salt/fresh, different temperatures… same outcome!



BEFORE…top photo! | Spring at home in Taupo, beanie, fluffy vest with Great Lake Taupo and overcast skies as a backdrop


AFTER…bottom photo! | Spring (a week later) on holiday in Rarotonga, sunnies, sunscreen and bikini with blue skies and the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop


BEFORE…top | the beginning of my first night paddleboard on Great Lake Taupo. Looking over to Mt Tauhara and the town of Taupo.


AFTER…bottom | the end of my first night paddleboard on Great Lake Taupo, 1.5 hours later. Looking over to Mt Tauhara with the full moon rising and the lights of the town of Taupo flickering….peaceful and magical.



BEFORE…top | An afternoon run in the bush with my dog BLUE, this is the destination, Whakamoenga Point, Great Lake Taupo. A place only accessible by foot or boat….just stunning and not too far.


AFTER…bottom | the end of the run back at the car, a little sweatier, a little redder but stoked that we got off our arses and made the most of the environment and capabilities even if it did ‘hurt’ just a little!

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BEFORE…lefthand side | The start of an overnight hike into Rangipo Hut, Tongariro National Park. Taken at the Tukino Access Road where I left my car. The sun is shining, the wind is calm, the skies are blue and I’m fresh and ready to go! Proud of myself that I’m doing this adventure by myself.


AFTER…righthand side | At the Rangipo Hut, Tongariro National Park. The weather has turned, it has started raining, the wind is now gale force, the temperature has dropped. The storm has arrived and 1.5 hours later I am tired, sweaty and red faced and ready for food and a disrupted sleep in a backcountry hut with 20 other people!

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