The RAD Rod is the EASIEST lengthening tool you will EVER use.

If you are going to buy ONE product then I suggest this is IT!

It is stunning in design and just feels GOOD to use. It is unobtrusive therefore so easy to have around.

Some of my clients just pop in their bags and take it with them to work.

It is the FIRST lengthening tool that I use regularly.…we all know that the KEY word here is USE.

I have had and bought quite a few.

It’s EPIC on:

  • LOWER LEGS… shins and calves. My problem spot and an area a foam roller just can’t handle well.
  • UPPER LEGS… it does the usual QUADS, ITB … but the KICKER is the INNER THIGH (adducters) and HAMSTRINGS, in particular the medial (inside) one …!
  • FOREARMS… my forearm are the tools of my trade and, frankly, get a hammering. This is the first tool that has worked on them. So if you use your lower arms alot: if you are a tradie, hairdresser, play golf, tennis, cricket etc or are in the garden a lot, this is for you.
  • The back of the NECK…OMG, it will have you purring.


BUT HERE’S the OFFICIAL HEADS UP from the suppliers

Straight-up pressure & control.

The RAD Rod is fully loaded with a steel core and soft outer shell that stick it to tension like nobody’s business. The slender design minimises surface area so you can fine-tune your pressure without pain—even on bony areas like the shins. That means tight muscles and built-up toxins better watch their backs because this rod rocks concentrated release and maximum relief the way only RAD can.

A thin, portable myofascial release tool that lets you customize your level of pressure to a tee? Don’t mind if you do. The RAD Rod leaves the competition in the dust with its thoughtful engineering, high-quality materials and steel-core control.

  • Dimensions: 21.25″ x 0.75″ (54cm x 1.9cm)

  • Materials: Steel, EVA foam and silicon

  • Color: Gray and blue

  • Unit weight: 1lb. 2oz. (550gms approx)

  • Comes with PDF guide of exercises

one of the best things about RAD products is the information on the PDF guide

…not only the HOW to use but also the WHY you are using…

it’s priceless and the difference between them and the rest!

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