The BOSU HOME Balance Trainer


This is the HOME version of the BOSU that I use ONSITE with my clients.

The only difference, it is not commercial quality and lets face it, it doesn’t need to be and, it means for a better price point.

The BOSU is another CLEVER product.

  • It has a flat bottom which means you have more stability. But don’t think for one minute that it reduces the challenge placed on you or engaging your stabilising muscles! It just means that you can effectively perform all sorts of exercises with a lesser sense of fear! it also makes it easier to store.
  • You or anyone can stand on a BOSU which is a HUGE advantage and turns it into a very effective piece of training equipment for UPPER body, LOWER body and CORE.
  • Wait there’s MORE…the fact that you can use BOTH sides means the exercise variations are endless and you can always go to another level.
  • FACT…your core is ALWAYS working, which is exactly what we want!


FYI : because of its flat bottom, the BOSU stays put wherever you put it. Unlike the Swiss Ball that always seems to have a mind of its own as to where its resting place will be!
My Swiss Balls are forever following me round my studio! Some days its funny, other days its a pain in the ass!

I truly LOVE this product. I love the reassured confidence it gives you whilst engaging in really effective and challenging core and stability exercises.


HERE’S the OFFICIAL HEADS UP from the suppliers


The BOSU® Home Balance Trainer can be used for or with: Sports Conditioning (both aerobic and anaerobic), stabilisation, agility training, strength, stability, flexibility training for the trunk and strength for the entire body.

Unleash your best with The BOSU® Home Balance Trainer. 

  • Color:   Light blue or pink with black platform
  • Diameter:   26″ / 66cm
  • Height (Inflated):    8.5″ to 10″/ 21.5cm to 25.5cm
  • Weight:    17 lbs./ 7.7 kg
  • Valve Placement:    Bottom 
  • Bladder Weight:     8.25 lbs/ 3.75 kg
  • Platform Construction:    Single mold process
  • Base Design:      non-skid, non-marking, 6 rubberised feet
  • Weight limit:    300 lbs/ 136 kg

In case you’re wondering…

The name initially came from an acronym standing for “BOth Sides Up”– a reference to the two ways a BOSU ball can be positioned.
It is also referred to as the “blue half-ball”, because it looks like a stability ball cut in half. The acronym now favored by the creators is“BOth Sides Utilised” [4][citation needed










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