TRX | the ORIGINAL Suspension Training Kit


In my eyes the most EFFECTIVE, most VERSATILE  piece of fitness strength equipment you will EVER want.

Functional strength, core and stability training at its BEST.

There is no room for “cheating” with the TRX. It turns the easy into the challenging by the 10th rep, sometimes earlier.

So compact you can take it anywhere and with it’s varied attachments you can use it practically anywhere:

  • door anchors: internal doors, car doors, campervan doors, hatch backs, window frames, some garage doors.
  • long strap for wrapping around ‘things’ like trees, bars, playground structures, soccer goals, rugby goals, hockey goals, and gym equipment in local gym or hotel gyms.
  • ceiling attachment : garages, workshops, overhanging roofs, beams.

Originally constructed for use by the US NAVY SEALS, it is now used by beginners to elite athletes and the likes of you and me.


The TRX features in celebrity documentaries:


SERENA WILLIAMS : “Being Serena”

SO WHY TRX and not a copy….

  • they literally wrote the ‘book’, they are the original.

  • they include books and videos on how it is meant to be used, with the product. Knowledge is always KEY.

  • they offer various attachments so it can be utilised in more environments (the ceiling anchor is an added accessory but readily available).

  • I think that when it comes to health, safety and confidence its always better to buy from the ones who came up with the concept FIRST. They did the trial and error! They put their balls on the line to launch their product when there were no others on the market.


HERE’S the OFFICIAL HEADS UP from the suppliers

The TRX® Suspension Trainer™ is a portable training tool that takes advantage of gravity and the user’s body weight to create hundreds of exercises to achieve every fitness with the TRX goal.

Get a fast, effective total body workout that can be set-up anywhere (gym, home, road, outside)

The HISTORY of TRX is that the concept was born in the Navy Seals and has since been adopted by premiere athletes across the globe.

TRX is scientifically proven to IMPROVE Total-Body Strength, Stability, and even cardiovascular health….since DAY ONE.

TRX has empowered people of all kinds to be their best selves, never limited by constraints on TIME, PLACE or PHYSICAL ABILITY.

Just incase you’re wondering


Travelfit, Inc. officially launches and Hetrick begins selling the Travel X—the precursor to the TRX Suspension Trainer—out of the trunk of his car in San Francisco.

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