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Boutique gym and personal training in Taupo

I look at Personal Training from a different perspective and see it more as Strength and Conditioning Training for your lifestyle.

My focus is on, exactly that….enabling my clients to have a body that is going to sustain them for as long as they need.

WHY? because I’ve noticed MY needs and expectations change over the years and, also our culture just accepts that growing OLD and being OLD is the only option. To me,  its not ….MY GOAL for my clients, is to change that social norm.

CHECK OUT the Testimonials…… from the mouth of my INergi MIDIs!

I don’t obsess with weight and aesthetics….how we ‘look’. I’m passionate about what we can DO.

I love hearing their stories of how my clients’ lives have become easier and more productive, and how much more energy they have. They don’t have to think twice about their ability to do things….You can just see it in THEM and their attitudes.

I describe my style as a fusion of pilates, yoga and strength training.

I’ve been told its ‘Pilates on steroids’!

It is no surprise, that, onsite, I practice:

the inergi philosophies:

the inergi elements :

the inergi rules :

All my clients have these embedded into their subconsciousness!


I focus on strengthening, lengthening and/or sweat

and all sessions based on engaging and increasing core strength.

My job is to work out what balance and intensity is needed for you.

It is about intensity, it is definitely about variety but above all, it’s about the style.

All the equipment in my studio is stability based:

Each session can be a mix of any of these depending on what the goal is.

FOR EXAMPLES of the inergi style IN ACTION…lick in these links…

INSTAGRAM inergi_nz  and FACEBOOK inergiNZ

Sessions can be:

Sessions are always limited to 1 – 2 clients. I want the sessions to be as effective as possible so I keep the numbers down.

Everybody is motivated by different things and in different ways…

If you want exercise that stimulates your mind and soul as well as your body, inergi is for you.

I like to make sure I am a fit for my clients so I encourage a 1-on-1 consultation first, it’s just a chat really!

To show my commitment, these consultation sessions are free to you.

the inergi studio is private and 1-on-1, so it’s your time, your studio, your training, your outcomes.