I am a Personal Trainer and Deep Tissue Massage Therapist,

and a MIDI based in Taupo, NZ.

Definition of a MIDI: It’s the NEW official term for a woman in her 40s 50s or 60s… miniMIDi’s and maxMIDI’s are a thing too.

We are ditching the term ‘middle aged’.

Life has changed, lifestyles have changed, attitudes have changed. 40 is the new 30, 50 is the new 40, 60 is the new 50 and I’m not sure what the new BLACK is anymore.

A MIDI is that person who wants limited ailments, unlimited passion and lifestyle sustainability.

MIDI’s don’t mind getting older, but buggered if they are going to be OLD.

The fitness industry targets the ‘young ones’. The ones who have an abundance of energy, who should be naturally fit, and still toned… theoretically speaking. INergi focuses on YOU…on ME, on US. Our bodies and minds have changed and we need to adapt to that. We know we can’t have it all but we are going to make sure we can have as much as possible!

So let’s make the MIDI years, OUR years. There is no time for BULLSHIT and excuses…. it’s GAME ON and it’s never too late.


2 Philosophies

I have been around for a long time and have heard and seen a whole lot of attitudes to life and wellbeing. The majority of which are unhealthy and obsessive. A world that is focusing on what we look like as apposed to how easily we can perform in our lives.

Function over Aesthestics    &     Passion over Obsession

4 Elements of Physical Fitness

Life is about balancing our physical wellbeing:

we need a strong foundation, our CORE

we need strong muscles, our strength

we need long muscles for mobility, our flexibililty or fluidity

and a strong cardiovascular system to it all for longer, our fitness

That’s where the 4 ELEMENTS come in.

CORE = Earth …. STRENGTH = Fire …. LENGTHENING = Air …. SWEAT = Water

6 Rules

The simple rules to make sure you are being the most productive with your time

INergi is about future proofing, helping you make your body more SUSTAINABLE.

We have started respecting our planet now let’s respect ourselves.

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My commodity is LIFE and it’s EXPERIENCES. I can’t be bothered with obsessing about weight, dress sizes, placing restrictions on things that I enjoy.

Its about having passion for LIVING, having a sense of ADVENTURE, always keeping that twinkle in your eye and DOING as much as humanly possible. Having a body and mind that gives you the confidence to keep charging.

Action is the life of the soul as well as that of the body. I’m a MIDI and I’m PROUD.

Welcome to my ZONE… your ZONE… the INergi Zone.

Rachel Trapski | founder of INergi

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