WHO is inergi

Who is INergi?

Hi, my name is Rachel Trapski

I have one child, my fur baby, BLUE the Greyhound. I am the youngest of a family of six women. I am forever changing my hairstyle. I’m a scorpio and I’m a MIDI!

I am mindfully and proudly rolling into my 6th decade on our planet… and I guess I’m slightly hyperactive!

Some people are happy watching life… I like participating in it.

My goal is to produce a negative split in my life. This means that my last 40 years are going to be better than my first 40 years… just like jeans, meditation, a great haircut, good relationships, self confidence, not giving a f**k, quality wine and fine cheese!

I’m not afraid of growing older… I’m afraid of being OLD.

I have lived in a lot of towns and a few cities in NZ and around the world, and now Taupo is home. I run a private, boutique training studio. My other career passion is massage, deep tissue massage, where I use trigger point therapy, dry needling and vacuum cupping in a treatment session to achieve results… and have been lucky enough to have looked after some of the best athletes in the world.

I’m a slightly extroverted, more introverted… ambivert KIWI who has lived a varied existence.

I have studied business and management, managed restaurants and bars, and was a member of AJ Hackett Bungy’s first, all-female bungy crew and have done a few world firsts, in the bungy world.

I have studied Outdoor Leadership and taught kids and adults to rock climb, abseil, kayak, paddleboard and to go ‘bush’.

I have worked in the film industry, specifically commercials and have been ‘talent’  for promo videos, brochures and a random short film. In the downtime I had studied Herbalism, Nutrition and Bodycare remotely through the Australasian College of Herbal Studies and I have dabble in aromatherapy and mixing of oils at Aromaflex in Nelson.

I have managed fitness training facilities, taught Les Mills Group Fitness classes of SH’BAM, CX30 and BodyBalance  and organised events both sporting and community.

NOW… I own and manage my own business, inergi NZ.

I’m proud of my ability to give life a go… step outside my comfort zone.

I’ve always made sure I was strong enough to play with the boys from the age of 5, to be one of the boys… maybe because I had to balance out my female dominated life. So I guess I’m a Tomboy of sorts.

I have played team sports and individual sports growing up as a kid: netball, tennis, swimming, water skiing, snow skiing.

I moved to Queenstown in the 90s where I was introduced to the more fringe outdoor sports… rock climbing, sea kayaking, skiing on and off field, adventuring, tramping and other extreme activities. This is when I started doing kick boxing and yoga and, without doubt was my most influential learning curve.

Along with a shift back to Aotearoa’s other main island came another change of environment where the focus became more on the ‘sweaty’ sports and training for events: on and off road running, road biking, mountain biking and open water swimming, more kayaking and then paddle boarding.

I’ve always wanted to be the best at whatever I did. I never have been, but it hasn’t mattered. I know I was the best I could be, given my circumstances and abilities.

I have always tried to give everything a GO, and I hope I will still possess that spirit for decades to come yet.

The byproduct of having the ambition of greatness and an element of competitiveness is that I had shit loads of FUN, met AMAZING, INSPIRING, multiTALENTED, AUTHENTIC, GROUNDED people. I went to places I would never have been, mostly remote and in the back of beyond, and generally, just did some cool shit. I have ‘life’ stories and memories that I’m absolutely proud of.

As long as I could… ‘BE’, I didn’t really care what I looked like, it just happened.

It was a natural byproduct of moving, and a moderately balanced, slightly hyperactive and alternate lifestyle.


I’m no angel… I have my vices and demons, (proudly less and less as the years progress) and I struggle, like everyone else to contain them and control them….. depression, self sabotage, over sensitivity and anxiety.

Sometimes there is balance, sometimes there isn’t but over the years I came to realise it’s not the end of the world. It is just something I need to be constantly mindful of.

I love the our PLANET.…the animals and the cultures that make up our global melting pot. It upsets me to see what we, as humans, have done to our indigenous people, especially when, ironically, we are now looking to their ancient cultures for guidance. It also upsets me to see what we are doing to our planet and animals when they have done nothing to us but exist and provide.

My Current Chapter

A change of location lead to a change in lifestyle. I ended up working in a gym. This was not my natural environment but it was there that I studied to be a personal trainer… I learned about anatomy and physiology and the basics of the structure, biomechanics and energy systems of the body.

I then came across Paul Chek and his holistic approach to exercise, health and nutrition… and that’s when ‘things fell into place’. The gym culture and environment never really ‘fitted’ with my philosophy but he DID.

‘How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy’ by Paul Chek became my bible.

My goal was to take everything I had learnt and experienced over the last few decades, mash them all together and put my twist on it.
I have come up with a concept that is suited to MIDI women who don’t like GYMs. Women who want to get the most out of living their lives. Women who played life a little differently. Women who are not so much influenced by convention and the conventional. Women who are intrepid and intrigued by the world around us.

All my influences have helped in forming my philosophies to physical, mental and mindful wellbeing.

inergiNZ is IT… the concept of wellness and sustainability in the MIDI years.